AbsoluteWind 9.50 is a very fast sailboat, with high performances and good seakeeping made to race in the Open class in singles or crew, respecting the parameters of the Class 950 ( www.classe950.com ). 

 At the same time she is a comfortable cruising boat with a real big, well-organized, bright interiors, equipped with all comforts.


The boat is certified CE A and unsinkable, the top of quality and safety.


Construction of the hull, deck and reinforcements by infusion made by

multiaxial and unidirectional E glass with epoxy resin.

Multiaxial and unidirectional glass posed following calculated hull stresses, making the boat exceptionally strong, rigid and fast.


The low center of gravity and shape of the hull give great stability and high seagoing capability.

At the helm is always a perceived sense of confidence, even when the boat surfs to 14 + knots, control is total. The maneuvers are rational and simple, the crew, although reduced, is never in trouble.


The special double rudder system with two steering wheels, designed  together with

“Jefa Steering”, is light and simple and it provides a fully safety redundancy and a perfect ergonomic position of the helmsman in every point of sailing.
A tiller system instead of wheels it is also available, for those who prefer it.


You can rig the boat for regatta or cruising without changing hull and mast.

The package "one thousand miles", consisting of 6 photovoltaic modules, a fuel-cell generator and a reverse osmosis water maker, allows long voyages in perfect autonomy and respecting the environment.


AbsoluteWind 9.50 is not built in series but, designed according to the highest standards, she is realized individually with care and with the best technology by a team of specialists.
The result is that the excellent onboard comfort comes together with a true blue water boat, for racing and sailing in the
Mediterranean sea and Oceans with high performances and absolute safety.

 - AbsoluteWind 9.50


 - AbsoluteWind 9.50


9.50 m

Largh.-bau max-beam

3.70 m


2700 kg min

Velatura bolina

Voile au prés

Upwind sail area

80 mq

Velatura poppa

Voile au portant

Downwind sail area

180 mq




Antonio Raimondo


AbsoluteWind s.a.s.

 - AbsoluteWind 9.50